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PROPER staging will absolutely ensure a quicker sale and better price for a property. The staging must be inline with buyer expectations for the neighbourhood and type of property. It does not necessarily have to be elaborate or ultra modern. Staging should appear to be natural to the style of the home, it should accentuate the best features of the home and allow the buyer to imagine their new life there.

Here are a few examples of properties I have staged

If you have a unique property and are looking to find the right agent who can bring the right buyers, feel free to send me details on your situation and schedule a consultation. My approach to marketing and presentation of properties has allowed me to sell unique luxury homes and properties that have been unsuccessful in selling before. When thinking of selling these types of properties getting the right advice is crucial to your success.

The consultation will include the following information:

  1. What Marketing strategies will be most effective
  2. Target Buyer profile assessment
  3. Pricing and timing Strategy
  4. Staging and reno tips to increase value
  5. Up to date Market Analysis

So you have an idea you may want to list your home, now what do you do? My suggestion is to get a proper market valuation for your home to know what a buyer will pay for it in its current condition. Call a trusted realtor who knows your market area as you will also want to know what the best improvements are that will actually make you money. Not all renovations and improvements are appreciated by buyers and will not translate into increased value in your home. Make sure you get your advice right so you can get the result you want in the sale of your home.

Start by putting away personal belongings and pictures. This is not only to make your house seem more inviting for buyers to imagine it as their own space, but it is also to protect your identity as you will likely have photos and video of your home being marketed to the public while it is for sale. I like to think of this as pre-packing and getting ready to move to your next dream home!

Fix anything that needs repair, touch up paint, clean baseboards, clear out extra unneeded clothes from closets, spruce up landscaping, you would likely give your car a good clean and tune up if you were trying to sell it so do the same for your home!

Time to attract buyers and get the most out of your investment! Make sure your property is getting the right exposure and attention by using professionals who will support you in this process.
Steps 1-4 seem like a lot of things to do and my guess is your quite busy with work and life in general to want to take all that on. For a seamless and successful selling experience just jump to this step and call Sandra for your complimentary consultation and she and her team will handle steps 1-4 for you. Great idea! Click here to contact me.