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As an experienced buyer who owns at least one other property, coming up with a down payment or qualifying for a mortgage are likely not your primary concerns. You are likely more concerned with finding that new home that is exactly right for you. In a competitive market with tighter inventory levels you know you need to get the new listings faster and be prepared to make informed decisions quicker but this is often easier said than done for many. I tend to know when my buyers have really found the right house when they tell me “Make sure you get me this house!” So how do I always seem to deliver on this request from my clients? Simple. I get them properties faster and I get them prepared with everything they need to be informed buyers. So, if you are tired of not finding the right property or you are missing out on them we need to find out why this is happening!

I offer complimentary 30min consultations to find you real solutions that will get you into the property you want . No obligations. No Sales Tactics. Just Solutions.

Trouble finding the right home? Here are some reason why this is happening.

Schedule your complimentary 30 min consultation.

Where is my money coming from?

This is a must first step. Figure out where your money is coming from and who is going to be giving it to you. Is it coming from the sale proceeds from your current home? Where are you getting your mortgage and how much will they lend you? Do you need to liquidate investments?

Who am I hiring to get me my property?

Agents are not there to only find you a property, you need a professional to give you detailed information, real time updates on new listings and updates such as price reductions, skilfully negotiate terms of a deal etc. As a buyer you are usually not responsible to pay the commission so why not hire the best?

Start Searching

Communicate with your chosen professional on any updates to your preferences, this will ensure you are getting to see the best properties for you and your family.

Get the house!

Once you find a house you like your agent will give you advice on how to craft your offer and get you an accepted offer to purchase.


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